Fixing Unemployment Supersedes World Hunger says Study

Thursday 14 March, 2013
A recent Viacom Media research survey found that for the first time in the study's history 'world hunger'? was superseded by 'fixing unemployment'? as a top priority for millenials. Millennials, or those who reached adulthood in the last decade are hyper connected to technology and becoming increasingly concerned with the need to find paid work. Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist, Genevieve George, 22, remarks that 'the trend towards part-time employment in Australia is indicative of this growing concern of young job seekers'?. She goes on to say that 'operating a job networking website is a way to facilitate changing needs in the youth job market.'? According to the ABS in September 2012 there were 67 300 'young people' (15-19yrs old) actively looking for  work, an increase of 2500 from August. Rick Morton's article ('Young Aussies hooked up to optimism'?, Australian 11/3/13), quotes Jess, 16, as saying 'people think it takes us out of action, all these screens but I'm more aware of the global economic uncertainty because of it.'? OneShift hopes to cater to this online generation to help businesses access a rich market of job seekers.
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