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Thursday 28 May, 2015


Unfortunately finding the right candidate is not as easy as going fishing, not in this day and age anyway. Until a few years ago the only bait you might have needed was a salary package and the promise of a secure 9-5.  These days however candidates are looking outside of the ‘9-5’ model. The traditional bait isn’t as appealing anymore, mainly because many of today’s jobseekers are on the hunt for a flexible, work-life balance that suits them. 


Recruiting can be a challenge, especially if you’re not fishing in the right pond. But OneShift is here to simplify the process, and to help employers source the right catch using the right digital technology.   


OneShift currently holds around 11% of Australian part-time workers in the market place and converts about 4-5% of part-timers looking each month. These days candidates are looking for a more tailored approach to have more choice in the way they work, and many businesses are catering to this.


Almost one third of Australians work part-time. There is an air of casualization coming from jobseeker ponds which could be explained by the rising popularity of mobile technology - jobseekers today are looking for work on the move. Equally it could be that there are more opportunities to push the boundaries. 


Understanding what the jobseeker marketplace today really looks like is important in any recruitment strategy. Understand your audience before you engage with them and listen to your future employee’s needs. The words ‘flexibility’ and ‘untraditional’ spring to mind.  


Our talent pool of over 420,000 candidates at OneShift continues to grow, particularly in the admin, hospitality, retail and sales markets. Over 30,000 businesses have tested our waters and have experienced beneficial results. There might be plenty of fish in the sea but a good start would be fishing in the right place.


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Heather Doherty

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