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Thursday 20 August, 2015


We recently reached 500,000 candidates and decided to ask our talented bunch what they think of OneShift and how they have found the job-hunting process through us. And the feedback is phenomenally positive!

Patrick Breheny, was one of the first candidates to join OneShift looking for work in hospitality. That was three years ago, and Patrick has continued to use OneShift even whilst at University. Patrick is now UTS Careers Ambassador in the Faculty of Business, and shared his experience with finding work through OneShift: 

“OneShift is really creative - it’s fresh, it’s new, it’s professional. It’s especially helpful for younger people looking for work, and helps them break into the job market – we don’t necessarily have 5/10 years of experience. I found uploading a video with my OneShift profile was a great way to get noticed by employers. A lot of my friends use OneShift for finding work, and I recommend it to my friends because of the constant success I’ve had through it”.


Patrick pictured with an image of himself in his first hospitality job via OneShift


We also asked Nikki Cheto, Shift Supervisor at Sumosalad, of her experience in finding her role through us:

“I used OneShift to find my job here at Sumosalad and it was amazing because they were looking for someone like me and I was looking for someone like them! It found OneShift simplifies job hunting!” 

Nikki is now on a management-training scheme with the dream to own her own store. Nikki said she was always searching for progression but was unsure what she wanted to do and “everything fell into place after landing her job at Sumosalad”. 

Another OneShift candidate who we matched to a role at ‘If Creative Strategy’ shared his experience:

“I like using OneShift because it does the job-searching for you, rather than trawling through pages of job ads. I wake up in the morning and filtered results appear in my inbox. I completed a project with ‘If Creative Strategy’ and we got along straight from the first meeting. I think OneShift is to thank for matching compatible people.”


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Heather Doherty

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