Digital Age Demands more Online Services

Thursday 21 February, 2013
With more and more businesses being forced to go bust or go online, news that Telstra has let go 648 employees of its Sensis division is no surprise. Whilst it is always regrettable to streamline staff numbers, the move is evidence of a global trend towards online operations. OneShift, as part of a growing body of online employment agencies is further evidence of this changing market. Marketing and advertising are shifting to where people are looking - online.  Any company looking to be successful in this 'digital age' will have to keep up with the times and go to the world wide web. What we are seeing today is a much more in depth relationship between employers and employees, producers and consumers. The internet facilitates communication channels that previously were monopolised by those with something to sell. OneShift is moving to capitalise upon this growing relationship by matching employers with job seekers mated specifically to their needs - even going so far as to enable online interviews through the website. An online, transparent and informed digital age has demanded a new approach to employment. OneShift provides the tailored, direct and easy approach to employment that consumers expect of this market.
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