Coolest Offices Around The World

Friday 20 June, 2014

It seems to me that the minimum standards of qualifying for a cool office is having a slippery the very least. Otherwise, what's the point of coming to work at all? If it were up to me, I'd be working part time at each of these offices, just to get a feel for what fits. That's only fair.

Now, this first office? Google.



See what I mean? Everyone has to have a slippery dip! This here is Corus Entertainment, a media & entertainment company based in Toronto.


Ok, I lied. Not everyone has a slide. But if they don't, they have to have a Pirate Ship. This is Inventionland Design Factory (I feel like I need to add 'where dreams are made' onto the end). This isn't an office! It's a day at Disneyland! These guys are the corporate HQ for Davison Design & Development - basically...they invent stuff. Awesome.



Another one! This one is slidding straight down through the HQ of Red Bull. See, you don't need wings, just a slide.


This is an old cinema theatre turned office space for Comvert, a clothing manufacturer and distribution company. That there on top? Yep. A skate ramp.

Seriously, how do these people get any work done?



Last but definitely not least, my personal favourite, Selgas Cano Architecture. Where? Italy, of course. Half underground, half above ground, these lucky workers get to work admist the nature all day long!


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