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Wednesday 19 August, 2015


It’s simple…the value of your company is priceless, therefore your core values are priceless! Every company has a value and your core values are a means of measuring this. They are critical to long-term growth and reputation.

And of course it’s the people in a company who epitomise the core values, not the corporation; the people that make the cogs turn as well as your clients. Your company values should scream out from all areas, from culture to office lingo, to how you hire!

 Here at OneShift we live, eat and breathe our 4 core values: “No Bullshit”, “Test, Fail, Learn”, “Make It Happen” and “Team (family) first”. These are showcased in our breakout areas, across the office walls and have even become part of office lingo. Our 4 core values are the magic glue that holds us together, and inspire how each of us works.  

Remember these 5 hot pointers for defining or re-defining your company’s core values:

  1. Pinpoint your USP that makes you special! Highlight what separates your company from everyone else in your industry. What makes YOU you?

  2. There’s value in how you hire! Hire the person with the right personality, not necessarily the person with the right talent. As an employer you can train skills, but you cannot train a certain attitude or work ethic. Hire the person whose personal and professional values match those of the company.

  3. They are game-changers! They can influence employees and change behavior. Employees adopt core values and live them out in how they work. So shimmy them into your office lingo in the hope that employees will shimmy these into how they work.
  1. They inspire people to action! People take positive action because they aspire to live up to core values.

  2. They are at the heart of company culture. If you hire people who lie, cheat, and steal, in time your company culture will be the same. If you want your company to be innovative, you will need a team of “smart,” “curious,” “problem solvers”. 

So when it comes to defining or re-defining your company’s core values make sure they are consistent and clearly epitomise your business vision. You can't put a pricetag on that right!


 Heather Doherty

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