Coming Soon: 'Facebook at Work'

Thursday 20 November, 2014

Facebook is creating the new 'Facebook at Work'

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Coming Soon: 'Facebook at Work'


You already do it, but now it’s going to be official. Facebook is introducing the new 'Facebook at Work'.


The Financial Times has reported last weekend that Facebook will be releasing a new product to accommodate to the office space. The new product will be similar to its current social site, including newsfeed, groups and messaging. The new installment, however, will further include collaborative tools for work on shared documents.


Facebook at Work will be a completely different profile to your social Facebook, where no information from your social profile will appear on your work profile, and vice versa, reports Mashable.


Facebook employees have been using their own product internally for years, so it’s no shock for many that they are releasing it beyond their walls. They use it instead of email, as a group chat room, to collaborate on documents, instant messaging and to share news.


The question will be: will other companies and business latch on?


The Financial Times states, “If Facebook’s plans bear fruit, the world of work, for millions of people, may never be the same again”.


What do you think about the new product? Let us know your opinion in our comment section below.

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