Choosing between jobs? How to make good choices

Friday 11 September, 2015

It’s a fortunate but unfortunate predicament. Picking “the one” (job) requires a lot of deliberation, but there are only so many pros and cons lists you can make before you’re back to where you started. That being confused! From salary to benefits to promising career prospects there is a lot to consider.

But here are some helpful tips that can help to put the perks and flaws into perspective and get you started in THE RIGHT JOB FOR YOU:

The ‘Here & Now’

Consider the bigger picture. Think big! What might be the most important factor to you right now could be irrelevant to you a few years down the line. If you are looking for company commitment, then retirement benefits and career progression would make one job more favourable over the one offering a gym membership.

Not all about the dollar 

Yes we work to earn a living, but more money isn’t always the answer. Here at OneShift we live, eat and breathe the motto of “Work to live, not live to work”. A job is more than the salary package; it is a shiny package that is more than the number after the dollar sign. Picking a job purely based on pay packet could set you up for failure and disappointment – consider culture, career growth, even the coffee machine in the office kitchen.

Employer-employee – a happy engagement?

Want long-term satisfaction? Then you need to connect with the big guy/girl. You will no doubt be working with this person closely and on a daily basis, so the relationship needs to be a happy one. Consider the impressions you had of her/him during the job interview. Did they inspire you? Did their leadership style suit how you work?

Culture is critical!

This is often the ultimate decision-swayer. Realistically where you work is where you will spend a good majority of the week, so culture fit is crucial! If you are an introvert does the culture suit? Similarly is the culture exciting enough for an extreme extrovert? To perform to the best of your ability you have to be happy at work, so if the culture isn’t going to be a perfect fit then onto the next one.

Catapulting to your next career?

If you are using this job to catapult to the next step on the career ladder, then make sure this role will give you priceless experience you are looking for. Consider titles, salary, responsibility, training and personal development. If these will boost you to the next post then it would seem this one is a winner.

Finally, whilst making the right choice don’t suffer in silence, otherwise you might not have a choice to make after all. If you’re trying to buy time before responding to employers (perhaps you’re waiting to hear back from another job), then be clear with the other prospective employers. Be honest and tell them you would like some time to think about their offer. Just don’t leave it too long -time is ticking!

Here at OneShift we match you to the right fit for you, so start looking here.

Equally, we match a job role you are hiring for to the right person here.  

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Heather Doherty

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