CEO Sleepout a sleepy success

Monday 22 June, 2015



OneShift CEO Gen George slept under the Sydney stars (and rain) in a sleepout last Thursday alongside 284 other CEOs to raise money for the homeless.


This was the 10th annual Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout charity event held in Luna Park. The event raised just shy of $2 million for the 105,000 homeless people across Sydney, which will create a phenomenal amount of support services for this group of people.


The donations will be used to help the alarming number of homeless children in Australia; 17,000 are homeless due to family violence and unhappy living situations.


Fleeing in from the not-so-slumber party on Friday morning for a full day of work and meetings, Gen said, “The sleepout was an invaluable experience and gave me first-hand insight into the amazing work St Vincent de Paul’s Society does.


Homelessness is a tragedy and people in this situation are often judged when they need to be helped. The experience was a brief awakening into the hardships these people face everyday. It was fantastic to see so many CEOs gathered together for the same cause and I’m honored to have the chance to be a part of this community.”

Guest speakers included a brave young woman called Gabrielle who shared her experiences of being homeless with the crowd. Following this, the CEOs received ‘Vinnie’s dollars’ and faced the tough choice of paying for a hot meal or saving their sleeping bag. Which would you pick…a warm stomach or a warm night’s sleep?


 The brave CEO’s endured bitter winter winds, torrential rain and a chorus of snoring all of Thursday night. At 6am they breathed a sigh of relief and received a cooked breakfast and were able to return home to home comforts and a hot shower - check out more photos and videos below!


Now back to the cause...

Homeless people do not have this luxury; there is no ‘sigh of relief’ after a night on streets. Last Thursday was a mere drop in the ocean compared to living that reality every day. 

There is still time to join Gen and St Vincent de Paul charity in helping the homeless in Australia. A great start is by sponsoring Gen George at 




Heather Doherty

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