Blake and Louise: The Bachelor Drama Continues

Monday 20 October, 2014

The Bachelor Drama Continues: Blake and Louise


Here I was thinking The Bachelor ended a few weeks ago, but it seems it’s only just getting started. Thanks go to Mr. & Mrs. Sleaze Bag (Blake & Louise) for continuing our journey into a pit of tragic despair. 


Blake is still switching from lover to lover (or from fiancé to new girlfriend), girls are still crying, and it seems the audience is getting bigger for this never ending post-show drama.


Apparently Blake and Louise have done an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day, where they reveal their “official love story”. This issue is set to come out TODAY.


Cue gasp.


Not all is well in paradise, however (dun dun dunnn). Basically the entire country hates this couple.


Some people’s hatred stems from the fact that Blake proposed to one blonde lady friend in the finale while in less than 24 hours, he was declaring his love for another blonde whom he himself kicked off the show in the previous episode. Did he get confused? Did he think they were the same person? No turning back now.


The Bachelor Australia: Blake and Louise Exclusive Interview


Other’s hatred (including my own) is due to the fact that Blake (and no doubt Channel 10) continues to drag us innocents into their extremely fake and extremely public love life. Don’t they realise that the only reason we allow this to happen is because it makes us feel a whole lot better about our own lives?


Then again, we must remind ourselves that they have sold their love story to Woman’s Day for a mere $50,000, reports Sydney Confidential. Well played, Sir. Well played.


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