Biggest jobseeker trend last week – retail. But why?

Monday 22 June, 2015


Retail jobs were the most in-demand roles applied for last week, but why? Retail jobs provide varied and challenging work and the chance to learn valuable skills. OneShift is here to give you a bit more insight as to why last week retail job roles were as trendy as the #selfie.

Power to pick 

Retail isn’t just fashion. Nor is it just selling plush sports cars to playboys. Retail offers a variety of occupations in a real mix of industries from music to marketing, and finance to food and drink. This entails whole stream of career paths and career opportunities for people to get their teeth into.

Of course a passion in the particular industry helps, and experience is an invaluable asset, but if a person has the right qualities for retail they have the luxury of plenty of industry choice at their fingertips.

It’s everywhere!

You can run from retail but you can’t hide from it! Today’s retail industry continues to grow and diversify, and, let’s face it, we’re all consumers. We are constantly exposed to buying and selling through powerful marketing strategies. These influence what we shop for, where we shop and how we shop. Whether it’s in the cinema, the supermarket, or innocently taking your dog out for a walk and stumbling across a ‘Best hotdogs in Sydney sign’. Those snags are too good to resist and you’ve just been exposed to food retail.

Freedom of flexibility

Flexible working hours are not just benefit for roles in hospitality, office and sales. Rather, jobs in retail offer flexible shift patterns outside of the traditional ‘9-5’ for those with family, education or social commitments. Retail offers working the way that suits you!

Despite retail roles being the most popular applied for last week, we have an abundance of skilled and talented candidates - 440,000 in fact! - who are ready to be matched for roles in hospitality, sales, and office and admin. As well as retail of course! Get matched to jobseekers and job roles in these industries:

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