Best Part Time Jobs For Mums & Dads

Thursday 28 August, 2014

Best Part Time Jobs For Mums & Dads


Best Part Time Jobs For Mums & Dads

Work to fit around the busy schedule of a parent


The best part time jobs are no longer restricted to working through the late hours in a bar or helping customers try on clothes. Flexibility in the workforce is becoming much more prominent. Companies are providing what we want – more time for ourselves. Part time work is plentiful, so take your pick.


Parents already have their hands full. They are looking for work that fits into their schedule, or possibly a job that you can work from home. Forbes reported on a 2012 study conducted by FlexJobs, which showed that 97% of parents say that flexibility in the workplace would allow them to be a better parent. So here they are, flexible jobs that suit your lifestyle.


IT/Web Design


Basically, I’ve lumped a bunch of roles together here. There are so many great part time jobs that come out of tech support, graphic design, and software development, anything that can be completely done off a computer. You know what that means? Possible opportunity to work from home. Jump on the Computers & IT wagon.


Personal Trainer


If you’ve got the right qualifications and the fitness levels, then personal training would be ideal! You could schedule your appointments to suit yourself & work as often or as little as you like. If this sounds like you, search here for Beauty, Fitness & Health Jobs.




Uh, hello? Looking for work that fits in around school hours? How about working in a school. Problem solved! Obviously, you will need a teaching degree. Or possibly you could scope out jobs in the school library. Otherwise, you could try your hand at tutoring – whether it’s math, geography or piano. Browse teaching & tutor jobs to see what takes your fancy.




There are a bunch of great part time jobs in reception! Need I say more?


Call Center


It may not be the most glamorous part time job on the list, but it serves its purpose. And if you get lucky, you may just be able to score a sales job from home! Call centers either make outbound calls to attract business or inbound calls to provide customer service and support. Browse some call center jobs here.


Data Entry


Various industries employ data entry clerks to input compiled data into their system. Thrilling, hey? At least previous experience isn’t a necessity.




Chances are that if you’re a parent, the last thing you want to be doing is spending your days looking after other people’s kids. But, it’s still an option! Or consider house sitting and pet sitting!




This is a long shot, but there are people out there that are making money off their online blogs. There are a heap of parenting blogs that provide advice for others, travel blogs, recipe blogs – name it and it probably exists. I don’t advise to lean on this option as a great way to make money, but if you’ve got exceptional writing skills, perhaps you could look into some established companies. Wouldn’t that be the best part time job? Saving the best for last.

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