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Friday 12 June, 2015



Imagine losing followers on Twitter because you don’t have a profile picture – devastating, yes? Imagine not getting likes on Facebook for your ‘check-ins’ and those witty status’ you edited over and over, purely because your profile picture is a question mark? Or worse, not getting likes for your Instagram selfie because you appear ‘anonymous’ in your profile. It’s too big a risk, correct?


Employers are using candidate profiles as the modern way of recruiting, so make your profile stand out! And given that first impressions are everything, what better way than with a photo of your fabulous self.


Having a well-structured and up-to-date profile is a great way to put you ahead of other candidates and catch the eye of the employer. Putting 100% effort in your profile shows employers you are going to put 100% into the job they are hiring for. A profile picture is one small step closer to that 100% mark.


Here at OneShift we have found that employers are three times more likely to view a profile with a photo. We are naturally more attracted to text that includes an image. It is a way to show your personality - which is great by the way - so let it shine!


Use your social media profiles as templates for building your professional profile. Social media platforms are gateways for friends, family and followers to see and hear you, and similarly professional platforms, like your OneShift profile, is the gateway for employers to learn about you as a potential employee, and you as a person. So personalise it with a photo. 


Do remember the photo parameters: professional, simple, (ideally) dressed for the job. And categorically no selfies and no animals - this is a person profile not a pet profile.


Pull inspiration from your social media profiles and put up that picture, after all you wouldn’t be a question mark on Facebook or Twitter, right?


Update your OneShift profile today at: 


Heather Doherty

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