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Monday 23 June, 2014


Welcome to ‘How To Treat People 101’. It may seem as if I’m your kindergarten teacher telling you not to pull that little girl’s hair, or even your Mother telling you to stop teasing your brother, but you may be surprised at the way bosses are treating their employees out in the Australian workforce. Now, I can’t speak for everyone as I haven't worked in every company in every industry, however, the stories and themes I pick up from all sorts of people I come into contact with is discerning. It may seem like common sense to treat others how you would like to be treated, but apparently this isn’t a lesson that everyone learnt in school.


I know, seems logical. In fact, this isn’t an etiquette that should merely be practiced in the workplace but in every encounter you have with another human being. Even the people on the sidewalk who are trying to forcefully shove flyers in your hand! I try to give them a polite smile and say ‘no, thank you’ rather than ignoring them all together. I have to admit though; I tend to hang up on telemarketers.


Too many of my friends (in both part time and full time jobs) have had terrible experiences with their bosses – to the point that they change their career paths altogether! To me, this seems ridiculous. If you want to help your company to grow and expand, you should be motivating your workers and supporting them to succeed, because ultimately this will help you (as a boss) to succeed. 


I've come up with the most basic of the basic rules on how you should be treating your employees, if you're not already doing so:



  1.      Numero Uno. Respect.

It’s numero uno for a reason people, because it’s important. Everyone deserves some respect, especially if they are working for you. No matter what industry you work in – be it retail, hospitality or corporate, people should all be treated the same. With respect. No matter how far up the ladder you are, you should be treating your employees as if they’re on the same level as you. This, in turn, will gain some respect on your half.


  1.      Good Work!

Everyone is human. If you did something great, you want to hear other people talk about it for hours. While this may not be possible, acknowledging when your employees have done a great job is a must. Not only does it show that you are aware of their work but also gives them motivation to continue putting in the hard yards.


  1.      Whoops!

Everybody makes mistakes. How you deal with it is everything. Having a yelling match in the staff area? Not the best idea. Flat out ignoring it? Awkward. The best thing to do is get them alone and have a civilized conversation, make sure they know what they did and how to do it better in the future.


  1.      Path To Success

Your employees are your company. They are what drive your company to success or failure. So it’s up to you, which one would you prefer? If you are finding that your employees are lacking in particular skills, then send them out to do a course or training days to help them help you. As a bartender I would get sent out on training days for different areas such as cocktail making, customer service etc. They are a great way to mix with colleagues and learn new skills and most importantly they will recognize that you care and support them in their career.



If you have any stories you would like to share about your boss or employees, let us know via Facebook: OneShiftJobs! We would love to hear from you.


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