Australia's Most Wanted Jobs

Friday 30 November, 2001

More often than not it's poor management or a negative work environment that drives people out of jobs. However, there are times when employees genuinely seek a career change, especially if they're dissatisfied with their current (and often well paid) positions. According to, Australia's five most wanted jobs that are expected to offset the spike in unemployment in the coming years are:


Retail assistants


Over the five years to 2017 there will be 45,500 new jobs for retail assistants, Department of Employment figures show, the second-highest jobs growth of any occupation.



Mr McCrudden said plumbers are fast becoming the dad's army of the Australian workforce, with an average age of 55 (the workforce average is 39).

He also estimates one in ten plumbers are foreigners, a sign that the work is there but there is not enough workers.



The ageing population and ballooning healthcare costs means there are myriad jobs out there for health professionals. Now the nation's biggest employer, the healthcare and social assistance industry will account for one in every four new jobs created between now and 2017, Department of Employment figures show.


Tech Gurus

Every time someone buys an item online, visits a company website, opens an app or 'Googles' a plumber, they leave a digital data trail. The people who are able to make sense of this information, market products to customers online and use their digital expertise are in demand.



Pin heads and number crunches may have been the nerds at school, but they are now the top dogs in the jobs market.

There will be 21,400 new accountants jobs in the five years to 2017, Department of Employment figures show, and full timers will be earning an average of $72,800.

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