Australia's most bizarre job interview questions revealed: Can you name the seven dwarves in Disney's Snow White?

Monday 5 May, 2014


 Sydney, Australia, May 2014 -- Online jobs platform OneShift, has sifted through the results of a survey of job seekers, to reveal the 20 most bizarre questions Aussie employers have asked in an interview.

Tough questions are generally the norm in any interview process, but increasingly, more companies are adopting the Google-esque style of gauging a candidate’s thinking style, by asking brain-teaser questions or questions that are aimed at determining the jobseeker’s personality.

Survey respondents said they were asked left-field questions like “name the dwarves from Disney’s Snow White” and “are there wolves in Australia” alongside some equally oddball requests such as “would you wear a Sombrero at the airport so company guests could easily identify you?”.

A Western Australian man who was surveyed said in his 40 odd years of being employed, one particular question interviewers tend to ask is a double edged sword that he feels intimidated by.

“I’ve been asked a few times how I’ve dealt with conflict. It obviously reflects well when you’re able to tell a story that shows how you successfully dealt with the situation.

“The problem arises when you describe a scenario that you assume you handled well, but the interviewer may think otherwise. Or, if you choose not to give an example, you’re seen as someone who can’t handle conflict.”

Gen George, founder and CEO of OneShift, said in most cases, the process of getting to the answer is more important than the actual answer itself.

“Many employers are using these oddball questions to suss out if the candidate is quick on their feet. They’re looking to get a feel for analytical thinking skills, how you respond under pressure, and what your general view of the world is.

“The trick with dealing with such questions is to take your time. The interviewer doesn’t expect you to have the answer at your fingertips, because it’s not a question like ‘tell me about yourself’ which candidates are familiar with and expecting.

“Staying calm and attempting to explain the steps you’re taking to solve the question, will impress the interviewer. Ultimately, it’s your acceptance and willingness to tackle the unusual question that will be looked favourably upon by the employer - regardless of the answer you give.”

20 most bizarre questions asked by Aussie employers

  1. Bring an item with you to the interview that best suits your personality.
  2. Imagine a pen that could do anything. How would you sell it to me?
  3. On a day to day basis, what number do you think of the most?
  4. If you could have a day on earth where you could do one thing as much as you wanted what would it be?
  5. If you started dating another employee, would you inform the manager about your relationship
  6. What would you expect to see written on your gravestone?
  7. Name the seven dwarves from Disney’s Snow White.
  8. How would you move three chairs from one end of the room to the other?
  9. Here’s a pen between us. How would you get the pen over to me?
  10. Would you wear a sombrero at the airport so company guests can identify you during pick-up?
  11. Are there wolves in Australia?
  12. If you could be a type of animal, what would you be? Why?
  13. You have several hundred kilos of cardboard boxes. With a group of ten people under your command, how would you delegate the tasks to move the boxes from point A To B which are 1Km apart?
  14. If you were a car, which one would you be?
  15. If you inherited an island:
    • What would you do with the island?
    • Who would live with you on the island?
    • What would be the top 3 rules of the island?
  16. What would you prefer to get out of working with people?
    • A friendship
    • A productive working relationship
    • A new partner
  17. What fruit best describes you?
  18. What ice-cream flavour would you be?
  19. What TV personality best describes you?
  20. What’s your favourite colour and why?

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