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Wednesday 26 March, 2014


New data has revealed the occupations that will have the largest growth over the coming years and provide career opportunities for young people in Australia. The list is diverse and includes motor mechanics, primary school teachers, truck drivers and accountants. So, well done if you’ve chosen a career in one of these fields. Not so fortunate are those involved in librarian work, keyboard operations, secretarial jobs and livestock or crop farming, as these categories are currently experiencing the biggest decline.


So while you’re busy pursuing your strategically planned dreams, whether they involve starting your own business, working for a big company, or travelling the world, the bills won’t stop coming. The good thing is, you don’t need to quit your day job to follow your passion. But you do need to have a focus on ideas. If you’re always coming up with new business ideas, you’re the type of person who can take on the next 


Feeling inspired and passionate about a persistent idea is the biggest sign that you’re ready to move on. Although this idea doesn’t need to be revolutionary - it can be something simple with a fresh twist – if you find that it’s something you think about more than you think about your current job, it could be time to start looking at new opportunities. Here are five important questions you need to ask yourself:


1) Do I feel challenged every day?

If you find that your once stimulating role has become mundane and repetitive, it’s likely that you’re not reaching your potential. Ask your boss to find out if you can take on more responsibility. If that leads to nothing, there’s not much point in sitting idly. Start looking for companies that can utilise your skills and experience more effectively, or start something on your own.


2) What do I love about my job/life? What do I wish I could change?

Consider the job, the company, management, colleagues and everything else you deal with at work and think about how all these factors make you feel. If you’re happy with most of it but can’t stand other parts of the job, make the necessary changes if you’re able to do so. If the job doesn’t make you happy, there’s a different career out there for you.


3) Do I see a path for growth in my current position?  If so, what does it look like?

Don’t waste your time in a role that will get you nowhere near your dreams. If this job can take you to where you want to be professionally, consider the path. Could there be other jobs that would get you there sooner? Maybe there are more interesting paths you could be on. 


4) What things are most important to me in a job?

Again, think about all the aspects of your job and compare those to the qualities you find important in a role. It could be money, security, flexibility, working with creative people, status or recognition. Everyone holds a different degree of interest in these factors and what works for some people might not work for you at all. For example, a well-paid role that requires working 80 hours per week is perfect for a particular type of person but could be someone else’s nightmare. 


5) Am I happy?

Is this the role you always dreamt of? Can it lead to the role you’ve always dreamt of while keeping you interested? Think carefully about how you feel about the work you do and the company you work for. If the mere thought of walking into work gives you nightmares, makes you nauseous or drives you to drink, it’s not good for you and you should look for something more fulfilling.


Find something that matches your own values, ideals and needs and stop wasting time in a the wrong career! Log in to your OneShift account to get started.


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