Are recruiters a waste of time?

Monday 18 March, 2013
Are recruitment companies worth it? The research suggests that when there are lots of candidates for a limited number of job openings then the employer can save by doing the hiring in-house. However when there are scarce job seekers and an abundance of positions then using a recruiter is good value for money. These general assumptions are based on traditional recruitment companies that make money via commission. Such companies are often criticized for being more concerned with filling quotas than matching people to appropriate jobs. With the latest Labour Force report showing the largest growth in jobs since 2000 the incentive according to the above model would be for companies to do the hiring in-house. Jobs network OneShift represents a niche recruitment market that avoids costly commissions and recruiters seeking to hit quotas. By enabling businesses and job seekers to list and search for jobs for free, employers can retain many of the attractive qualities of hiring in-house, whilst saving time normally associated with using a recruiter. Because businesses only pay to interview candidates, OneShift is a way to find jobs and still retain a direct relationship with the employer.
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