A Night At Sydney's Noodle Markets

Friday 17 October, 2014

Sydney's Night Asian Noodle Market: Good Food Month

Photo: Me!


If you’re anything like me then you love all things Asian food – and no doubt you’re planning to head to Hyde Park’s Night Noodle Markets sometime soon (if you haven’t already).


You’ll be over-run with dumplings, pork buns, smoky barbeque skewers and…you guessed it, noodles. I would imagine that this is what Heaven is like. A lantern & colourful umbrella filled park that is overcrowded with little food stalls offering all of my favourite goodies. Although, in Heaven, I imagine that all the food is free.


This was actually my first time to the markets this year. Last year I wasn’t living in Sydney, but I do remember the influx of countless instagram photos capturing lanterns of every angle and every filter imaginable (well, there are only 20 filters but I’m pretty sure I saw them all). I’m ashamed to say that after being overcrowded by these faux photos, it did make me want to attend the next markets.


Sydney's Night Noodle Market

Photo: Me again!


And I was not disappointed! Although it was slightly sprinkling (I count myself lucky as a few hours later Sydney was inundated with a huge storm), I was surprised to see how huge the markets were! There are stalls lining the perimeter, making it ridiculously hard to decide where to get your food (just one of my many first world problems), sweet little seating areas dotted around the place that you just cant wait to sit at until you realise it’s VIP and you are most definitely not a VIP, and lanterns covering all possible overhead spaces that make you want to take a photo but you don’t want to be that person.


As a side note, can I just point out my surprise at seeing a Messina Gelato store at the market? An Italian inspired Australian Gelato store at an Asian Noodle Market? They must have a killer marketing team to be able to fudge their way into that one.


Sydney's Night Noodle Market - Ramen Burger

 Photo: GoodFoodMonth



The Ramen Burger. A burger bun made out of ramen noodles? Ohhh yeah. If you’re happy to wait in the queue for this popular dish it, go for it.



The Noodles! I know, it was quite a shock to me as well. Being at the noodle markets, I had to do my bit by purchasing a noodle dish (duh). I gotta say, it was up there with some of the most boring Thai I’ve ever had.


Get down there before you miss your chance, they close on October 26th

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