9 Things You Should Never Say to a Working Mother

Monday 25 November, 2013
Image Photo Credit: bloggymoms.com Being a mother can be a pretty testing task as it is, so those who can juggle parenting and employment can certainly find that they have their hands full most of the time. These mums also happen to represent the majority of mothers in Australia and as much as stay-at-home mums are used to dealing with criticism, their counterparts who participate in paid work make up a larger part of the maternal population and face their own fair share of judgment from the rest of the population. So here are nine things no working mother wants to hear from anyone: 1. 'Can't you afford to stay home?'? This question assumes that the reason why working mums go to work is entirely financial. Of course, that plays a part in the decision to have a job, but perhaps the value of the woman's education and years spent devoted to said career should count for something too. 2. 'I could never let someone else raise my kids'? Suggesting that working mums play a small role in the upbringing of their own kids is something that's going to get you into serious trouble. This implies that they have little to do with anything and that they don't contribute to the important decisions. 3. 'It must be nice to have a break from the kids'? Ok let's get one thing straight: work is not called 'work' for nothing. It's not eight hours of the day at the spa. When at work, it's not as if mothers suddenly put their parenting responsibilities or their love for their children on hold. They're still caring, involved mums. 4. 'I'd miss my child too much being away all day'? Even if the sentiment has nothing to do with the working mother who hears it, this can be perceived to mean that working mums must be so cold-hearted to leave their kids every day. Of course mums miss their children when they're at work! 5. 'You can always work later. These early years are the most precious'? I wonder why this one is never said to fathers. There are many special moments parents can share with their young ones. They don't only take place during work hours. 6. 'Women should be at home with their kids'? In the 21st century, this argument is one that will earn a few laughs at best. This suggests that women must be the sole carers for their own kids. Today's family structures include single parents, energetic grandparents who are more than happy to help and stay-at-home dads too. 7. "Can you really trust your babysitter?'? This is a great way to scare any mother, but really should not be said unless you're trying to insult her by doubting her ability to question the credentials of the person she hires to look after her child. 8. 'You look tired'? Probably true but she certainly doesn't want to hear it. 9. 'Why work when your husband is doing so well?'? So what if he is? The decision to get a job is not solely based on the success of said husband (see point 1). Are you a working mum? What comments get under your skin? Let OneShift know. - The OneShift Blog
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