8 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You

Sunday 8 December, 2013
Image Photo Credit: examiner.com There's a difference between doing your job to keep it and doing your job to add value to the company you work for. The latter means that you're an asset to the company. In other words, don't expect to get a promotion for doing exactly what you're paid to do. If you want to prove that you add value to the workplace, you'll have to go one better. Exceed your employer's expectations and your boss is sure to notice. When the opportunity for a promotion comes up, your name will be at the top of the list. And if the company goes through a rough patch, your position will be safe and secure. Do what you say you'll do Don't make promises you can't keep. When you say you'll do something make sure it gets done. No matter how busy your boss is, he or she will notice if you start neglecting tasks Don't make excuses Learn to take responsibility for your actions. People who make excuses are a liability because these cop outs become a habit and it becomes very obvious when you're an employee who falls into this category. Don't complain Whether you're unimpressed with a job that's been handed to you or you feel that one of your colleagues is an incompetent space waster, your complaining about these issues does little more than waste time- both your own and your boss's. Instead, try making a reasonable and well thought out request to get your message across. Come up with solutions to problems Go one step further than making a request and plan a solution that will take care of the original issue. Your boss will be grateful for your taking the extra work off his/her hands plus you're more likely to get results that you can benefit from. Take charge of your own growth and development This involves determining what you want to get out of your career and then working out how you're going to go about it. Don't just wait around for your boss or other connections to push you along the right path. Pave the way for your own success. Your boss will most likely notice your ambition and offer support. Simplify your boss's life when possible To show that you value your role and your boss, it's not a bad idea to go out of your way and do a little bit of extra work for him/her once in a while. If you can think of some ways to support your boss's success by helping them save resources, your suggestions won't go unnoticed. Take initiative Don't be the kid that sits back and nods when asked for an opinion or when things change. Wouldn't you rather be the one who can stand up and implement some of your brilliant ideas to move the business forward? Your boss will see just how valuable you are when you're able to not only speak up, but actually do something to take a stand. Make your boss look good You may be thinking, 'Shouldn't I focus on making myself look good first?'? The answer to that question...complicated. There is a time and a place for both. In order to look good to your boss you need to consider the fact that out of the two of you, the more important person for the organisation is your boss. When you show that you can go beyond what's required of you to assist the company by helping the boss, he/she will see that you really care about the business.   - The OneShift Blog
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