8 Surefire Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job

Tuesday 15 April, 2014


Although sticking it out in a less-than-desirable position could be necessary to rise up the corporate ladder, not every job you have will exactly meet “dream job” standards. As time goes on, you may realise that your job is not worth the time and energy you’re putting in, especially if your health and wellbeing are at risk because of it.


But how will you know when it’s time to quit and move on? Here are the top ten warning signs you need to look out for:


1. You’ve stopped learning

You have hit a brick wall at your job if you continue to develop your existing skills but find that you’re bored because you’re not picking up anything new. 


2. You’re not reaching your potential

It’s definitely worth considering your options if you’ve realised that you’re overqualified for your current role and not utilising and expanding your existing skillset.


3. You hate the work

While some jobs require you to ‘work your way up’ by doing the undesirable jobs for a while as a sort of stepping stone, others are simply not fit for you. One way to know is to look at your manager and their manager and consider whether you’d be happy doing what they do. 


4. You don't fit in with the company culture

You need to find a work environment suited to your own personality. If you find that after a few months of working for the company, you still feel like an outcast, it might not be setting for your development.


5. Your boss is awful

A bad boss can be a bully, arrogant, and a poor team manager. If his or her shortcomings are affecting your productivity and happiness, it might not be worth putting up with.


6. Your company is going under

If an upcoming acquisition or merger is threatening your position or your department, or if your company is generally following a downward spiral and struggling financially, you may be going down with a sinking ship.


7. Your job is affecting your mental/physical health 

Unhappiness in the workplace can lead to physical symptoms such as body aches and panic attacks as well as anxiety, stress and depression. If it’s come to this point, you need to put yourself first and look elsewhere.


8. Your relationship with your partner/family/friends is suffering

When you notice that you’re starting to drift away from your loved ones because of the long hours you’re putting in at work or because you’re under too much stress because of your job, it could be time to weigh up the rewards versus the costs.


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