8 Common Job Interview Questions That Are Illegal

Tuesday 26 August, 2014

Illegal Job Interview Questions


I couldn’t believe it when I found out about these illegal job interview questions! No doubt employers are aware that there are certain questions that are an absolute no go zone, but do the applicants? I certainly didn’t!


You are only allowed to be asked interview questions that are relevant to the job you are applying for. So keep your ear out for any sneaky behavior by your interviewer! They will try to get some of these out of you.


If you are asked any of the following in your next job interview, remember that it’s your right not to answer:


8 Illegal Job Interview Questions


1. How old are you?

Surely a date of birth is something that many people have written on their resumes? But yep, unless it’s relevant to your job (such as having to be over 18 to work in a bar), your age is your business in a job interview. Which I’m surely many people are thankful for!


2. Are you married?

Seriously? Apparently this is off limits as an interview question as it can reveal your sexual orientation. Some people also see it as sexist, which leads into my next question…


3. Do you have kids?

If you have kids or plan on having children, then your employer may think that you will be more likely to take time off. Then there’s also the maternity leave they have to pay for…Therefore: Restricted Area.


4. Is English your first language?

Only “are you fluent in English?” or something along those lines is legal in a job interview. Applicants are not to be discriminated against based on their heritage and cultural background; therefore you don’t have to say where you come from or what your first language is! No doubt this question gets abused quite often.


5. Do you observe any religious holidays?

Similar to above, religious beliefs should not come into the decisions of an employer.


6. Have you ever been arrested?

Even people who have committed crimes are protected in a job interview! Have we gone a bit far? I mean, come on. You are allowed to be asked if you have a criminal record yet not if you’ve been arrested. Never fear, karma has a way.


7. Do you have any medical conditions?

Of course, if it’s relevant to the job at hand then it’s in bounds. That doesn’t seem safe to me.


8. How long have you been working?

This relates to number 1 as it allows employers to guess your age, which is illegal! Seriously? Seriously? I mean, seriously?



Have you ever been asked any of these illegal job interview questions? Let us know by commenting below!


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