7 steps for ensuring your start-up business is a success

Wednesday 8 May, 2013
After a morning with Mark Brennan, the Australian Small Business Commissioner, I wanted to share some of his advice on what makes a successful start-up. Rule number one, always establish and maintain good business relationships. Here are seven of his steps to achieve this:
  1. Alignment: Avoid doing business with another business who does not share the same values as you.
  2. Commitment: Treat every business and customer as if you are in a long- term relationship, even if you know it's going to be a one-off.
  3. Mutual interest: Don't create one-sided contracts with your customers and clients. Make sure what your service offers to your clients is beneficial to them as well.
  4. Communication: What are you going to communicate? How often are you going to communicate? How are you going to communicate (email, phone)?  Establishing communication styles both inside and outside of the business needs to be determined. This extends to communication with your customers.
  5. Accountability and responsibility: If you made a mistake, admit it. Don't sweep it under the rug. Ask for advice from others about how to resolve the issue and be upfront.
  6. Professional standards: Whether you are working with trades or corporate businesses, know your ethics and expect others you work with to abide by these ethics. How you treat people will reflect how they treat you.
  7. Dispute management: Understand how you will manage conflict within your business before something arises.
A lot of these points are related to a businesses' behavior. A business will flourish if it abides to its own ethics and principals. I never forget the core values behind OneShift; they got us to where our business is today. Inline image 1
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