6 traits which make you a bad employee

Sunday 16 June, 2013
Can't hold down a job? Not getting along with your co-workers? Can't work out why? Sometimes, an employee may find that the job position they have secured isn't actually suited to them; they may not have the skills needed for the role or they might not be passionate about the work required from them. These reasons can make you an unmotivated or 'bad' worker and are more difficult to change. OneShift has brainstormed six more practical reasons why an employee can be considered bad. Try to avoid these traits. bad employee 1. Don't be a task diverter In every office space there's an employee known for saying 'That's not my job'. Every position requires the odd 'off-the-job-description' duty. As long as these unassigned tasks don't reoccur on a basis whereby you are unable to find the time for your actual job, embrace the tasks and don't pass them onto someone else. Someone needs to do them. 2. Don't be an ASAP-er Every employee is important and everyone is working towards the business or companies' main goal, whatever that may be. Putting an ASAP on EVERY email you write to your co-workers can make you seem as if what you're working on is more important than anything else which is occurring in the office. 3. Don't work for the pay check In the end, every employee comes to work to be paid - it's how the world operates '“ but don't let this be the key motivator for why you appear each day. You should show-up to work because you should be passionate about what you do. If you really are passionate, the pay check will follow. 4. Don't be a multi-tasker This piece of advice may seem a little contradictory, especially when we're often told that a good employee is someone who can work on a number of tasks efficiently and effectively. The problem with multi-tasking though is that it's a difficult skill to hone and master. Research has shown that multi-taskers segment their workload making it harder for them to concentrate on any one task enough to actually get it done correctly. Those who multi-task may take longer to finish a job because their focus isn't entirely directed to the task. Instead, create a to-do list and dedicate time for each task in order of priority. 5. Get the job done This leads us to the next piece of advice. Aim to get the job done '“ finished '“ completo. There's nothing worse than handing over or delivering something which is ALMOST complete. It may just be a number that still hasn't been contacted or a draft that needs a few adjustments but attempt to finalise it yourself rather than expecting that someone will end up completing your task for you. 6. Have the right attitude We here it all the time, a good employee is someone who is creative, positive, reliable, honest, hard-working. Have a think about whether you would link yourself to any of these traits. If not, find an employee in the office who demonstrates these qualities and shadow how they work and operate in the workplace.
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