6 Top Tips for Motivating Employees Over Christmas

Thursday 19 December, 2013
Image Photo Credit: office-suites.com Let's be clear about one thing here- there's a long list of places each of your employees would like to spend the Christmas period and it's safe to says that not one of those lists mentions your place of work. So I can understand a manager's challenge in tying to motivate a team of people who don't want to be at work. Although they are receiving financial compensation for their work and in some cases they're paid at a higher penalty rate, the fact that there's a million places they would rather be doesn't change. So you really need to pull your leadership skills together at this time of year to encourage the team and make the most out of the situation. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to crack down on their enthusiasm for the Christmas break. Try to empathise with team members. It's difficult for people to be away from the family/friends/cat for the sake of making a living through your business. Remember that there are ways to drive progress without looking like the grumpy Christmas Grinch. Consider work hours Allow your staff more flexibility over the Christmas period. Let them re-arrange their working hours if possible, so that they can start earlier or finish later to accommodate holiday duties like parties, shopping and spending time with family. Ease the uniform policy Be more lenient with dress codes. There's no need for employees to wear suits every day, especially if the role doesn't involve facing customers. Don't be so serious Have some fun as a team by introducing games or quizzes to lift the mood in the workplace. Little competition can give employees some little things to look forward to, making it easier to come into work. Get Festive Encourage staff to decorate the workspace together. It's a great team-bonding exercise and one that is sure to raise their spirits. Give out prizes Reward the employees who achieve their targets over the festive season. You could offer prizes such as champagne, movie tickets or gift cards for the highest achievers. Provide snacks Provide some snacks throughout the Christmas period. Make lunches more enjoyable for the whole team and lay out some nibbles for everyone to share.  Another option is to invite staff to bring in heir own dishes to share with the team. Food is always a good conversation starter. How will you be keeping your team motivated this Christmas? Tell OneShift today!  
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