6 Things You Didn't Know Social Media Can Do to Help Your Job Search

Thursday 30 January, 2014
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Modern day job hunting has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of hunting through the local newspaper's jobs section. The new channels of job hunting are certainly not limited to job boards and agencies either. You might already be on social networking sites, but have you ever used them for your job search?

These sites are a great place to start looking for a career. Here are the 6 important social media tools you must utilise when job seeking: 


Relevant Profiles

Build compelling, professional profiles for yourself on all your social media channels. An obvious place to start is with, but Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, are also sites where you can include this kind of information, Schepp says. These profiles should demonstrate what you've accomplished and where your strengths are, proving what you can offer future employers.


Follow companies in your field on LinkedIn and Twitter so you're automatically notified about what they're doing and who they're recruiting, as well as other news. Join the conversation about industry trends on Facebook and 'Like' companies you're interested in. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and value to a potential employer


I hate to repeat this as often as I do but it really is imperative in today's market. Connect with people in your industry. LinkedIn's Groups are an excellent option for this. Search the directory to find Groups in your industry, join those that appear active and influential, and introduce yourself to the other members. Build your social capital by building a reputation as a source for stimulating content.

Become Known As A Resource

Assist others by answering questions, making introductions, and linking to interesting articles. It's obvious when you adopt a selfish mentality in business '“ you become just another player in the 'big game'. But if you choose to regularly answer questions on LinkedIn and provide links to great content on Facebook and Twitter, you're becoming an industry expert instead. Try to give more than you take.

Don't Ask for a Job

Make sure that people in a position to help your career know who you are. But don't outright just ask for a job. Make connections with the right people and show them that you're qualified and intelligent by updating your statuses a few times per week, supplying content to any groups you join and tweeting with commentary .


While most people are familiar with job search sites like Seek, Careerone and MyCareer, there is a huge pool of employer who don't post on sites like those. Improve your own chances by exploring social network sites for other opportunities. Jobs are often posted to Twitter, Facebook and on LinkedIn Groups so, again, make sure you're following/watching the right people and companies.


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