5 Ways Travel Can Help You Get A Job

Tuesday 18 November, 2014

5 Ways Travel Can Help You Get A Job


Many people see travel as a way to escape the boring routines of work life and to live a stress-free existence in an unknown paradise. What they don’t know, however, is that travel actually intuitively comes with a set of skills that you will no doubt acquire along the way.


These sets of skills will spruce up your resume and make you an excellent candidate for a variety of jobs in the future!


5 Ways Travel Can Help You Get A Job



1. Communication Skills & The Art Of Being a “People’s Person”


When you’re on the road, it’s inevitable that you come into contact with a range of different people. Whether you’re asking for directions, chatting to people at a pub, or even if you’ve picked up a casual job and are communicating with customers. Having some awesome people skills come across strongly in an interview and even if it's not relevant to the job, people want to hire others that they want to work with. If you come across as friendly and personable - it won't hurt.


2. Organisation


Organisation skills are necessary when travelling. You may not realise it, but it’s there. Booking flights, organizing travel insurance, booking transfers and accommodation. To name a few.


This is an incredible trait to have no matter what career path you are heading down and something that employers will pick up on.


3. Work Experience


If you’re headed overseas for a year, chances are you’re going to pick up some work along the way. It could be a full-time business gig, a casual bar job or even an internship for your favourite brand. Whatever your situation, the combination of learning new skills and learning them in a new environment is very attractive on a resume.


4. Personality


Extensive travel can often speak for itself about someone’s personality. You are ambitious and you’re a go-getter. And who wouldn’t want to hire someone with those personality traits?


5. Problem Solver


Problem solving is a skill that just about any employer is looking for in prospective employees. Of course they want someone that can identify an issue as well as then creating and implementing a solution. 


Well guess what? With travel, it’s often not a smooth ride. And that bodes well for your future career goals. Your bookings get lost, you missed your flight, and you’ve run out of cash. These are issues that you need to deal with. It happens to the best of us. You’ll have the last laugh in the end.

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