5 types of photos you should avoid uploading on your professional profile!

Tuesday 6 May, 2014


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5 types of photos you should avoid uploading on your professional profile


Think you can get away with not having a profile picture on your online professional profile? Think again.​ First impressions count and the same applies for your online profile being viewed by potential employers. Your image is conveyed through your photograph, and it’s absolutely essential to post a photograph that is appropriate.


Pixelated, blurred, stretched, poorly framed, squashed, are all examples of poorly formatted profile photos job seekers upload. Needless to say, they don’t give off the best first impression.


In addition to having a profile picture that’s well formatted, there are certain types of photos you should avoid uploading on your online resume/job seeker profile. 


Here are 5 common photo types that destroy credibility and decrease your chances of getting a job.


1. The booze in hand picture:

This is a no-brainer. Everyone expects you to go out and have a good time over the weekend – but there’s no need to draw attention to that on a professional network.


2. The half-naked holiday snap:

Employers are going to judge you on your photo. It’s essential to have a photo where you’re wearing appropriate clothing. Bikinis, low cut dresses and bare chests are definitely not the way to land a job.


3. Selfies:

An absolute no-no regardless of whether you’re smiling or are pulling a “duckface”. Selfies are just downright cringe worthy, and scream attention seeker. Have someone else take the photo and make it look professional.


4. The glamour picture:

Unless you’re applying for a modelling job, steer clear of uploading profile pictures that have obviously been taken on some kind of photo shoot where your hair is being blown back by a wind machine or you’re styled to the max.


5. The multi-person shot:

You’re not uploading a photo to get a job for your significant other or your friends. This is for YOUR professional profile so you need to make sure the image is a solo shot of you which is clear, professional and well formatted.



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