5 Top Tips to Keep the Job

Tuesday 30 June, 2015

Ok, so you’ve got the job, great! But with layoffs, downsizing and reorganisation such common concepts in the working world, how do you keep the job? Talent, skills and a strong work ethic are not always enough to guarantee a job is yours for keeps, especially if competition for your position is high.

It can be survival of the fittest out there, so here are some handy hints to help you keep your job:

1. Stick to your strengths

If you’re feeling the pressure it’s easy to look around and imitate the methods colleagues might use to get work done. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but flattery will not up your value in the workplace. Instead of keeping pace with others, focus on what you do best. Highlighting your specific talents and passions will make you unique which will increase your value. Granted it's ideal to be highly skilled in many areas, but nobody is perfect. Being exceptional in one area makes you much more valuable than being mediocre at several things. 

2. Proof is in the pudding

Prove to others that you are indispensable and the only possible fit for your position. This is reflected in the amount of effort and drive you put into your tasks and responsibilities. Maximum effort will give maximum results, and exceptional output will keep you in good steer for keeping the job.

3. Show off your personality

It is much easier to lay off an employee who does not stand out, compared to the one who has made a positive impact to the group. Create a work persona to show off your skills and characteristics that make you YOU. You still have a voice whether you are the workplace foghorn or the shy wallflower. Mark your territory by showing off what you have to offer to the company. Don’t just become a number.

4. Go above and beyond

Pinpoint what those higher up in the pecking order have asked of you but go above and beyond. There are endless ways to do this including offering to mentor new staff, or volunteering to lead a special project outside your usual area. Being proactive is a confidence booster and can help to secure your job.

5. Solve problems without naming names

Forget playground rules of “he said, she said”; this is the workplace and requires a mature approach to solving problems. It is good to point out problems - they need to be resolved after all - but try to have a solution ready in tow. Managers are interested in making things work, so taking charge when faced with a problem will increase trust in your colleagues and your boss. 

So keep the job and before you know it you could be on the path to promotion and a winning career.

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Heather Doherty

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