5 simple steps to sail through the phone interview

Monday 13 July, 2015

Congratulations, you’ve been shortlisted! But the next step is not always meeting your potential new boss. You might have to brave a scheduled phone interview. The OneShift team have pulled together the following helpful hints for a smooth sailing through the phone interview:

1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Get clued up! Do your homework not only on the company but on the interviewer themselves. Make sure you can pinpoint the company’s key figures, strategy and markets, not just to impress the employer but for your own knowledge and benefit. This way you can picture the scale of the company and its audiences. Create a cheat sheet to list your priceless facts and talking points, and print out your resume to highlight key areas of your skills and abilities.

2. Put a face to the number

See if the prospective employer has a LinkedIn account, and if so connect with them. The employer is likely to be impressed that you are being proactive, organised, have initiative, and are familiar with modern, digital methods for sourcing information. Getting connected pre-phone interview will help the employer put a face to your name, and it makes the first step of the phone interview that little bit easier for both parties.

3. Be interested, be energetic, be confident! 

First impressions are everything, even if you cannot physically see the other person. In face-to-face situations we can understand what the other person wants and can communicate more easily by using visual cues and facial gestures. Over the phone however, you can only depend on your voice.

Find your inner ‘professional voice’ by practicing a few voice exercises before the call, smile whilst you speak, be enthusiastic about the company and the role and be confident. If you have completed steps 1 and 2 then you are well prepared and it should be smooth sailing.

4. Find common ground

Flag common ground between you and the interviewer. Building rapport is a very strong tool in the professional world, and finding common connections could be the catalyst to a relationship forming between you and your potential future boss. Relate these connections back to you, your past work experiences, and skills and abilities.


5. End on a high

Closing questions can make or break a phone interview. Firstly, finish the conversation positively by reiterating why you are confident that you are the person for the role. Secondly, pinpoint whether the interviewer has any concerns about you being right for the role; this shows that you can think of the bigger picture rather than just the here and now. Finally, is this job right for you? This is an opportunity to discover whether the role is suitable for you, so be curios and ask why they are hiring. Expanding? Replacing? New position?


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Heather Doherty

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