5 reasons to exericse before work

Tuesday 10 June, 2014



The trees are bare, the air is brisk. Yes, winter has arrived in full swing! It almost makes clicking that ‘snooze button’ justifiable. However, we have five motivating reasons to make you want to set your alarm earlier and start your workday with exercise.


Whether it’s a 10-minute stroll, a yoga routine or a full blown gym workout, it all counts in a positive step to better your workday!


  1. Exercise gives you lasting energy

Rather than arriving at work and dreaming of putting your head on the desk and nodding off to sleep, early morning exercise boosts your energy and allows you to focus throughout the day. Not only will you be more efficient with your work, it will give you a chance to impress your colleagues with your new pro-active approach to the day.


  1. Make time for friends and family

Whether it’s after-work drinks with your colleagues or spending time with your family, now you are able to spend those hours after work at your leisure! Having already made time for yourself in the morning, there will be no guilt in accepting those social offers after work and building on your relationships.


  1. Better Sleep!

Studies show that early morning workouts allow you to have a deeper sleep! If you enjoy a better sleep at night, you will wake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


  1. Burning more calories

Morning exercise has been proven to help burn more calories throughout the day and also to reduce food cravings. This will encourage you to choose a healthier option for lunch at work and put a stop to that coffee and muffin breaks throughout your day.


  1. Consistency and Routine

Making an exercise routine for your working week also allows you to plan out your workday.

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