5 Most Common Job Seeking Mistakes

Friday 20 December, 2013
December isn't the easiest time to be looking for work. There's a long list of errands that need running, chores than need doing, shopping to be shopped and of course, you need to spend the holiday season with your loved ones and enjoy yourself. That doesn't leave much time for job hunting. When your resources are so limited, you need to avoid falling into the trap that is the never-ending job hunt. These are some of the most common mistakes people make when looking for a job. Make sure you learn from them and don't fall into the same trap Not knowing what to look for Trying to decipher the job advertisement code sometimes seems like an impossible feat. I mean, since when is a bartender called a 'mixologist'? Does 'web guru' refer to a developer or a digital content expert? And what is a 'digital overlord'? Get familiar with any titles you might cross in your line of work so you can shift your focus when it's necessary. Image Photo Credit: beyondcareersuccess.com Not being clear in your CV Like it or not the jargon is there, and it works both ways. Use your resume to prove that you understand exactly what jobs you're targeting. Your CV is a powerful marketing tool and you need to include the most important and relevant information to make the most of it. Image gohtm.com Taking too many breaks from the search Especially after making some progress, it's common for a job seeker to relax and time some time out. Although it's OK to allow yourself the occasional break, don't take long periods of time off from job-hunting every time you advance. If you've just been to an interview, don't come home and wait for a call. Keep looking, just in case. Image Photo Credit: forbes.com Not being realistic You have to remember that it's people who come up with job ads and it will ultimately be people who hire you. Face the facts from the start to avoid disappointment further down the track- job titles often don't exactly represent the set of jobs you might be expected to perform. Image Photo Credit: teamshatter.com Not letting technology do the hard work Technological advancements have developed over the years to allow for faster and easier ways to achieve the time consuming tasks we have to complete. Let it do its job. Many new job sites can now match your CV to the most relevant vacancies, eliminating bias and sending you alerts with relevant new matches. Image Photo Credit: nytimes.com Make job searching even easier with OneShift
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