5 key reasons to take on part-time work

Tuesday 19 March, 2013
1. As of 2013 roughly 30% of the Australian workforce is part-time. This means that the prevalence of part time work is very high, and largely more accessible than full time work. 2. Part-time work facilitates entry level positions to the workforce for younger workers. Australia has a high youth unemployment rate, and part time work is a key way to counter this. 3. Part-time work enables businesses to improve their operational flexibility. Many small businesses have peaks, troughs and seasonal variations. Often the best way to deal with these is to have a strong part-time workforce. 4. Working part-time enables you to balance your employment needs and home life more easily, which is of great benefit to students, carers, and retirees. 5. Part-time work, unlike full time employment is not static. There is considerable change into and out of various part-time roles, as the market changes, or the employees circumstances change e.g. moving into full time work. I am not suggesting via this blog that part-time work is superior to full-time work. On the contrary, it must work in conjunction with full time employment to ensure maximum productivity. Given the ever increasing number of part-time employed in Australia, it is a useful avenue for getting a leg up to full time work, if that is your end goal.
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