5 Epic Ways To Quit Your Job!

Thursday 30 October, 2014

5 Epic Ways To Quit Your Job!


Some people dream about all the incredible ways they could quit their jobs, others put those dreams into reality.


Warning: It is not advisable to use any of the following methods to quit your job.


5 Epic Ways To Quit Your Job 


1. Steve Harvey Show

Ah, my personal favourite. How could you ever get mad at a musical number like this one? That was rhetorical, obviously you can’t.



2. Reporting Live


Oh how I enjoy watching awkward situations unfold that I have absolutely no involvement in.



 3. Ice, Ice Baby


This guy created his own dance routine! I like his commitment.



4. Interpretive Dance


This is possibly the most famous of all public resignations, and for good reason too! If you haven’t seen it yet, feast your eyes!




4b) Boss Replies


Oh yeah, and then her boss replied to her…and the world. And it is not disappointing.



 5. Marching Band


This guy seriously hated his job. He brought his marching band friends along to help him quit his job. He boss was utterly not impressed.




 Are you thinking of quitting your job? First of all, make sure it's the right decision.


Second of all, you can start looking now!


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