4 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs These Holidays

Saturday 21 December, 2013
The holidays are here! And while most people are getting excited about all the wonderful activities they've planned for the Christmas break, many business owners are pulling their hair out, trying to figure out how they're going to get all the business matters done and still have a family/social to come home to by the end of it all.

Have No Guilt

Make no apologies for taking time off to spend with your loved ones and enjoy the food, drink and fun that Christmas should be all about. Having this break will allow you to mentally and physically rebuild. In January, you'll come back more efficient and ready to take on more challenges. Image Photo Credit: foodandnutrition.org  

Contact Clients

Be sure to let other businesses, clients and anyone else that has an interest in you or your business activities that you will be unavailable and be sure to give dates. Ideally, this should be done well in advance to avoid giving your stakeholders any nasty surprises if they try to get in touch over the holidays. Image Photo Credit: graphicdesignblender.com  

Make a Schedule

Plan what work needs to be done and which parties you really need to attend. If you have kids taking part in shows or performances over Christmas, find out when they're taking place as soon as possible so you can add them to your calendar. By creating a schedule for the next two weeks, your plans are in black and white in front of you so you can figure out if it's all achievable. Image Photo Credit: planningaheadtools.com.au  

Set Boundaries

Falling into the habit of saying 'yes' to everything is detrimental to your efforts to get as much done as possible. You need to be realistic and know your limits in order to be efficient. If it all becomes overwhelming, chances are you're overcommitted and need to take a step back. Focus on the most important items on the to-do list. The rest can wait. Image Photo Credit: drprem.com  

Tell OneShift how you stay organised over the Christmas break!
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