4 Things To Do When You Don't Get The Job

Wednesday 5 November, 2014

What To Do When You Don't Get The Job


Sweeping Statement: There is not a person alive who has not been rejected from at least one job application. I think.


What I’m trying to say is – it happens to everyone. This is not some evil plot that has only descended upon you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you were a bad candidate or that you wouldn’t have made a perfect fit for the role.


So. You’ve been rejected. Perhaps not for the first time. Perhaps this is the 100th time – the steps remain the same.


 1. Have Your Moment


I’ll allow some sulk time. While you shouldn’t lie in your own misery for too long, it’s understandable to be upset (especially if this was the job). I’ll give  you a few days – max.


2. Seek Feedback


You didn’t get the job; don’t you want to know why? Get in touch with your interviewer and find out their thoughts. Why did someone get hired over you? Do you need more experience or skills? Was it your attitude in the interview? Find out.


3. Take It On Board


Once you’ve got your feedback, do something about it. It could be working on your confidence skills or enrolling in a course to build up your skill set. Or if you didn’t make it to the interview stage then take a look at your CV & cover letter and work on improving those.


4. Keep On Swimming


Get back out there! Keep on applying. If you don’t, other people will. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and if you didn’t get the last job, then there’s something on the horizon. You just have to find it.


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