4 Simple Ways to Measure Company Culture

Tuesday 4 August, 2015

Company culture - two little C’s with a very big infleunce. In recent years the emphasis on company culture has continued to grow as more and more companies are recognising the impact culture, and lack of it, has.

A company without culture is like coffee without cream - too basic to give satisfying results. Lack of company culture can be very damaging to a business; it can lead to unhappy employees, unsatisfactory work output and be harmful to a company’s reputation. 

Where recruitment is concerned, a lack of company culture or a stale company culture can be toxic! An ill culture can ward off people from applying for your roles in a company, especially with the growing popularity of review transparency businesses such as Glassdoor. These companies give real insight into what working life is really like in a particular business, including CEO ratings, interview reviews and salary reports.

“Culture, who are you?”

Unfortunately even Siri doesn’t have a direct answer to this, but if you are clueless about whether your company culture works or whether your company has a culture at all, then it’s time to go back to basics. Step 1 is to measure a company’s culture against these four markers:


  1. How do employees act with one another?


  1. What values do employees follow?


  1. What are the personal goals of employee’s and how do these fit in with the company?


  1. How do employees react with the rest of the team?


Once you have pinpointed a profile of a company’s culture you can move on to Step 2 – implementing change where needed. Watch this space, Step 2 coming soon.

We truly value culture in the OneShift team. It cements strong internal communication within the team, a positive, productive working environment and happy team members. You can find out more about this and abut roles we are hiring for at https://oneshiftjobs.com  


 Heather Doherty

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