4 Reasons Why Part Time Work is Great

Wednesday 22 January, 2014
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As of 2013 over 30 per cent of the Australian workforce is employed on a part time basis. This means that the prevalence of part time work is much higher than ever before, and it's more accessible than full time work.

Part time work is the gateway to the workforce

Part-time work facilitates entry level positions to the workforce for younger people. Australia has a high youth unemployment rate, and part time work is a key way to counter this.

Improves efficiency for businesses

Part-time work enables businesses to improve their operational flexibility. Many small businesses have peaks, troughs and seasonal variations. Often the best way to deal with these is to have a strong part-time workforce.

Facilitates work/life balance

Working part-time enables you to balance your employment needs and home life more easily, which is of great benefit to students, carers, and retirees.

Allows for flexibility

Part-time work, unlike full time employment, is not static. There is considerable change into and out of various part-time roles, as the market changes, or the employee's circumstances change e.g. moving into full time work.

This is not to say part time employment is superior to full time work. On the contrary- it must work in conjunction with full time employment to ensure maximum productivity. Given the ever increasing number of part timers employed in Australia, it is a useful avenue for getting a leg up to full time work, if that is your end goal.

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