3 simple steps to stop FINDING a job becoming a FULL-TIME job

Friday 24 July, 2015

Jobs come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the right one can easily become a bigger task than finding the perfect car - or Segway depending on how high-tech your mode of transport is. It’s important not to let finding the right job become a full-time job in itself.


The finding process can inevitably be time-consuming, energy consuming and impinge on other responsibilities and commitments going on in your life. If you are switching jobs this will affect the work you currently do; if you are unemployed it can be a bigger (unnecessary) stress during the already stressful time of finding work.


How to NOT let this become a full-time job? Be strategic! Jobseek smartly. Save your time and efforts for only applying to the roles you want to work in.


Step 1: Pinpoint your passion!


Ask yourself the following questions: What do I want? What excites me? People, music, mathematic equations? Dedicate some time for you and mapping your career. Sit down with a pen and some paper and list everything that you enjoy, that excites you, and that gets you motivated. Explore your horizons, your career path is not set in stone - you are your only limit! Start here…


Step 2: Get linking


Get online, get researching and link your passions to every possible job role that relates to the category of work you want. This could open your eyes to roles that you didn’t think were even related to what you are passionate about. Now, cater your CV to these sorts of roles, that way you will be matched to the right employer and right sort of job role for you!


Step 3: Time-fit, culture-fit


Finally, decide on the type of work you are looking for. Weekends only? Strictly 9-5 or a job that falls outside of the typical 9-5? Fortunately, flexibility in the workplace isn’t uncommon; in fact a lot of companies use flexibility as their main incentive for attracting high quality employees. Cut down on the hours it might typically take you to find the right job by targeting those jobs with the hours for you. Work the way you want to work.


Culture is crucial in the workplace, let this be your final ‘make it or break it’ in deciding whether a job role is THE job role to apply for.  Do your homework on a company’s culture and be decisive about whether you will fit in or clash with the culture.  


Opportunity comes knocking when you go looking for it, so once you start keep it short and sweet, that way it won’t become a full-time job in itself! OneShift matches the right roles to the right people, find out more at www.oneshiftjobs.com


Image source: thebodyconsultants.com


Heather Doherty

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