2014 Career Trend Predictions

Wednesday 1 January, 2014
Image Photo Credit: hdwallpapersinn.com 2014 will be a year of smart, discretionary use of technology at work. We're also seeing a backlash against the constantly connected type of life. Companies are also beginning to question whether all this new technology is actually serving their real needs. Here are the top predictions for what the career landscape might look like in 2014.

Employee power

Many job seekers will be focused on why they're doing this the job at hand and what brought them there. They'll be more interested in self-actualization than ever before. And they'll want to demonstrate the expression of their true selves through their career.

Practical interviewing

Interviews will no longer involve the traditional model of the hiring manager asking questions to find out if the candidate is suitable to the job or not. Instead, they'll be more likely to drop the formalities and ask the interviewee to demonstrate their skills by solving a given problem.

Digital information sourcing

Our online presence will be more important than ever in securing a role as many employers are now taking to Google to find out a thing or two about potential hires before inviting them in for an interview. A few years ago, this would have been considered AVO-worthy but in this day and age, it's expected


More people are opening up their own business, as part of the self-actualization movement (see 2). Because we don't want to feel constrained to a job that doesn't fit in with our authentic and personal needs.  For some, this can simply mean registering a website to showcase a passion. Others will quit full time employment to pursue their dream.


A large pay packet and a big promotion from an even bigger corporation are become less popular indicators of success. Many of us are instead taking up freelancing opportunities to work on our own terms, even if it means taking a pay cut in the process.

Social Media Expertise

Many companies have by now realised that they need to be on social media. So they've gone on to create a Facebook page and posted a couple of updates only to wonder how this is going to add any value to the business. Now although we know it's valuable, it's still a question of creating and implementing an effective social media strategy and proving to the CEO that it will work. That's why those of us who are clued up on social media strategy will be in high demand.
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