20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleep

Wednesday 1 October, 2014

20 Facts You Didnt Know About Sleep


Incase you hadn't realised, this week is allllllll about sleep! We're currently half way through Sleep Awareness Week and I'm still continuing to learn more and more about sleep (which also happens to be one of my favourite things in the world)! Today, I've done my research and I'm sharing these 20 interesting facts about sleep that you (probably) didnt already know.  


1. Dysania is the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.


2. The mammal that needs the most sleep is Koalas, sleeping between 20-22 hours a day.


3. You burn more calories watching TV than sleeping.


4. The extra hour of sleep received when clocks are put back at the start of daylight in Canada has found to coincide with a fall in the number of road accidents.


5. A snail can sleep for three years.


6. The scientific record for the longest period of time a human has intentionally gone without sleep is 11 days and 24 minutes (1964).


7. It’s impossible to sneeze while sleeping.


8. Parents of new born babies lose about 6 months worth of sleep in the first 2 years of their child’s life.


9. An Albatross can sleep while it flies.


10. Dreaming is normal. People who do not dream usually have personality disorders.


11. In Santa Ana, California, it is illegal to let a horse sleep in a bakery.


12. Sleeping directly after learning something new will improve your ability to remember it effectively.


13. Studies show that women may need up to an hour of extra sleep than men, this could explain why women are more susceptible to depression than men.


14. Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping – or approx. 25 years.


15. Only one half of a dolphin’s brain goes to sleep while the other half allows it to surface for air.


16. Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.


17. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to sleep on a refrigerator, but only outside.


18. Sea Otters hold hands while they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other.


19. After being awake for 17 continuous hours, your performance decreases to the same effect of having a 0.05% blood alcohol reading.


20. You would die from sleep deprivation before food-deprivation.


Which fact was your favourite? Let us know by commenting below!

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