12 Weird Laws Around The World

Wednesday 10 September, 2014

Weird Laws Around The World


Weird Laws Around The World



I’m still struggling to come to terms with some of these weird laws that actually still exist around the world today. Apparently you need much more than common sense when travelling overseas, because some of these laws are extremely out of the ordinary! So before jet-setting abroad, it might be a good idea to do a little research into the areas you intend to travel and try to stay out of trouble (or better yet, out of prison).


Well, here they are! In no particular order...


1. Singapore

It is illegal to litter ($1,000 fine for first time offence, $5,000 fine for repeated offences). And what’s more, it’s illegal to sell gum!


2. Canada

A public debt of over 25c cannot be paid for in pennies. Why is this even a thing?


3. Beijing

Motor-driven vehicles are forbidden to stop at pedestrian crossings. I’m not sure how this is safe or why they bother having the crossings in the first place.


4. China

There is a heavy tax for couples in China who conceive more than one child. This is widely known and widely debated law, yet I’ve still never heard of anything quite like it anywhere else.


5. Greece

Electronic games are banned. Apparently it’s true, people!


6. Israel

It is prohibited that believers in the Jewish faith pick their nose during the Sabbath.


7. Swaziland

Women are forbidden to wear clothing that resembles menswear, including pants. An African state and one of the poorest places in the world, this law came into force, as women are perceived to be below their male counterparts.


8. The Philippines

Depending on your license plate number, there are only certain days of the week you are allowed to drive! Number plates ending in a 1 or 2 are not allowed to drive on Mondays, those ending in 3 or 4 are not allowed on the roads on Tuesday and so on.


9. Japan

An elder brother, by law and honour, is able to ask for his younger brother’s girlfriend’s hand in marriage and both must agree.


10. England

Placing a postage stamp of the queen’s head upside down is considered an act of treason. Wow.


11. Thailand

It’s illegal to leave the house without wearing underwear (at least that’s what people are telling me).


12. Japan

It is illegal to be overweight! A 2008 policy shows that 40-75 year olds must have an annual check up of waist measurements (44% of the population). If you are over the required measurements, they are required to attend counseling sessions and be monitored. 

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