12 Hollywood Movies That Were Filmed in Australia

Wednesday 17 September, 2014


Whenever I watch a big ole’ American blockbuster on the big screen and notice that it has been filmed in Australia, the finest place on Earth, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride. Filmmakers are starting to realise the amazing potential that Australia has to offer to a range of sets. What other country can boast having beautiful beaches, vast deserts, rain forrests, stunning mountains and the outback all in one? We're a pretty sweet package deal, if you ask me (which no one did, but oh well).

Here is a pick of some of the big blockbusters that have been created on our very own soil. Of course there are many others (Australia? It was too obvious) but I haven't included any Australian films, because well, they were all mostly filmed in Australia? Duh.



12 International Movies That Were Filmed in Australia:


1. The Matrix


 Movies Made In Australia: The Matrix



The Matrix was filmed all over Sydney. This particular scene was filmed at Adam St Bridge in Chinatown!


2. Mission Impossible 2


Movies Filmed in Australia: Mission Impossible II

 Daily Telegraph


Do I really need to tell you where this is? 


3. Star Wars


Movies Filmed in Australia: Star Wars



The numerous Star Wars films were shot in various global locations, one of which was right here in Sydney! Fox Studios was the home of many scenes from the second and third episodes of Star Wars!


4. The Great Gatsby


Movies Filmed in Australia: The Great Gatsby



This gorgeous building is the International College of Management, located in Manly. Also known as Gatsby's Mansion!  


5. Babe


 Movies Filmed in Australia: Babe



Yep, the famous pig came all the way to Robertson, NSW for his major debut (ok, he's probably not real but still).


6. Happy Feet


 Movies Filmed in Australia: Happy Feet



Even though Happy Feet is an animated film, it was technically shot in Australia considering the film was created at a visual effects & animation studio right here in Sydney! So...there.


7. Finding Nemo


 Movies Filmed in Australia: Finding Nemo

Student Life


Alright, alright. This is a lie. Finding Nemo is a completely American film. By come on, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney? That clearly in Australia. And no, it's not a real place. I checked.


8. Fool’s Gold


Movies Filmed in Australia: Fool's Gold 



Apparently Fool's Gold was originally planned to be shot in the Carribean, however, due to disastrous weather it was relocated to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef along the Queensland coast. Seriously, can we take a minute to appreicate these two? They need to stop.


9. Ghost Rider


 Movies Filmed in Australia: Ghost Rider

Movie Set Locations


This particular scene was shot in Melbourne's Telstra Dome!


10. Charlotte’s Web


 Movies Filmed in Australia: Charlotte's Webb



Shot in Greendale in country Victoria, Dakota Fanning's film brings to life the famous children's book, Charlotte's Webb.


11. Where The Wild Thing’s Are


Movies Filmed in Australia: Where The Wild Things Are

Adventure Blog


Where the Wild Things Are was filmed in a bunch of different locations around this beautiful country. This particilar scene is shot in Bushrangers Bay, Victoria.


12. Wolverine


 Movies Filmed in Australia: Wolverine

On Location Vacations 


This scene of Wolverine was shot in Parramatta, which was temporarily turned into a Japanese town for the film where road signs & license plates were changed to keep in line with a Japanese city. Can Hugh do anything wrong? Not in my eyes.


Know any other famous Hollywood films that were shot in Australia? Comment below!




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