10 Worst Jobs In The World

Tuesday 2 September, 2014

World's Worst Jobs - Crocodile Trainer


World's Worst Jobs

You thought you had a bad job? Think again.


Think you have it rough spending your days in the office behind a computer? Well, this is sure to make you thankful for your luxurious job. This list is full of horrible and dirty jobs that aren't for the faint hearted. These poor souls are enduring these horrible tasks to make life just that little bit easier for the rest of us. And we don't even know it! 


Top 10 Worst Jobs


10. Pet Food Taster


Our pets deserve the best, which is why some people are hired to taste-test their foods before they hit the shelves. Yes, this is actually a career. They need to make sure the flavours are delicious! Incase you were wondering, yes, they spit it out. Still…this deserves to be in the running for the world’s worst jobs.


9. Gravedigger


Apparently every cemetery employs at least one gravedigger. The sad fact of life is…everyone dies. If you choose to be buried, it’s someone’s job to make that there’s a lovely hole awaiting you. Sound a bit morbid? Well, that’s why it’s on the worst jobs list.


8. “The Hackers” Lawyer


In recent events of nude photos being found of the leaked of Jennifer Lawrence and many other celebs, I thought it was only appropriate to include the lawyer of whoever this “Hacker” man is. Because let’s face it, he’s got a rough job ahead of him. Hundreds of celebrities have been hacked and countless nude photos have been distributed across social media – good luck getting out of that one, mate.


7. Road Kill Collector


You know when you’re driving through the country, passing dead kangaroo after dead kangaroo? If you’re anything like me, this dampens your spirit. But then again…imagine having to be the one to remove them off the road? Someone’s gotta do it. And it ain’t gonna be me.


6. Manure Inspector


Animal manure is a popular fertilizer and has to be checked for contaminants before going through the process to making it to your garden. In other words, someone has to go through animal droppings as their career. Worst job? I believe so.


5. Crime Scene Cleaner


The pay might be alright, but is it worth it? It would be bad enough having to witness a bloody crime scene, let alone being the one to have to clean it up. No thank you!


4. Animal masturbator


I’m not going to go into detail with this one; I think we all get the point. Researchers need the sperm of animals for their studies (do they really though?), so they hire some poor guy to do their dirty work.


3. Tampon Squeezer


I’m almost ashamed to say it…this job has come about because of an Australian. Microbiologist Suzanne Garland has realised that a better way of testing studies for STD’s in large populations is by allowing the women to be tested through familiar means (by using tampons) and then manually squeezing the tampon for testing. This would have to be number one worst job in the world for any male!


2. Sewage Diver


This may be a rare career, but it’s one that exists. Even in Australia! Sewage divers get fully decked out in a protective diving suit to maintain sewage systems and repair blockages. You may not believe me, as I didn’t quite believe it myself but here’s my proof – an Australian article on a sewage diver. The Image alone could automatically make it the world’s worst job.


1. Crocodile Trainer


World's Worst Job! Who would ever want to do this? Just like with all dangerous animals, they are likely to attack. Seriously, just Google “crocodile trainer”. All the results are on trainers who have been attacked. Just look at this Seven News video of a 3.7m croc latching onto his trainer’s hand and you’ll see why this job has made the top of the world's worst jobs list.


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