10 Ways to Show Your Staff You Care

Sunday 1 December, 2013

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While the holiday season can leave you feeling overwhelmed with tasks to complete before the break at work, errands to run around the house and an ever-increasing list of gift recipients you need to remember to shop for, it's important to remember that although you may feel busier during these chaotic times, your employees are also working extra hard to please you and meet their targets before the end of the year. When employees are stressed or they feel like they're under-appreciated, these negative feelings are reflected in their performance at work. It only takes a little bit of time out of your regular routine to make your employees feel valued and increase their engagement in the workplace. Here are some ideas: 1. Invite employees to have breakfast or lunch with you- one on one.  Employees will feel empowered if given the opportunity to express their ideas and thought about the business with you in a more casual environment than the usual team meeting or regular briefing. It's also a great way to find out what value they can add to the workplace by asking them about what's going on their end of the spectrum. 2. Give them something that relates to their passion. E.g.- a book, movie ticket.  They will appreciate your thinking of them. Especially if they've been with the company for a while, you should know something about what they like to do in their spare time, or about a particular passion or hobby or theirs. 3. Write them a Thank You note to let them know how much you appreciate their help on a particular project.  This one is extremely simple but a few words on a carefully selected piece of pretty paper can go a long way. Sometimes all it takes is a show of gratitude to get them engaged. 4. Make sure you recognise employees who have worked extra hard by organising a visit from the VP or CEO of the company.  An appointment with the CEO of a big company can be a pretty big deal to a staff member who feels undervalued. They'll feel pretty special once they've been pointed out as a high achiever to the most senior people in the organisation. 5. Stock up the company kitchen.  Who wouldn't love having access to healthy and delicious snacks during office hours? It's a relatively simple perk but shows you care and it means you can provide healthy alternatives to maximize the wellbeing of your staff. 6. Make the dress code more casual.  If it's not 100 per cent necessary for your employees to dress in professional attire every day of the week, they'll appreciate the option to wear something more comfortable than the usual suit and tie, at least one or two days a week. 7. Organise social activities.  Providing social activities for the entire office will encourage team members to liaise with each other, which in turn will open lines of communication and increase the engagement of individuals in the workplace. This could consist of Friday drinks after work or a day out playing a sport with your team. 8. Wellness Benefits.  Many employers are now providing health care benefits or free/discounted gym memberships to their employees. Some of the larger companies even provide in-house gym facilities and swimming pools. 9. Flexible work hours.  Allow your employees the option of basing their office hours around the core business hours, so as to suit their lifestyle or schedule. It will mean less paperwork for you when they need time for doctors' appointment and other occasions they must tend to, where they would normally take leave for just an hour or two out of the office. This way, they can make it up instead. 10. Give them an opportunity to participate in unrelated learning.  Perhaps you could offer a wine seminar, creative writing class or even golf lessons to boost the esteem in the workplace. Your staff will love the opportunity to take their mind off the day-to-day activities and focus on something completely new and different, even if it's just for a day. How do you show your appreciation for team members? Tell OneShift today! - The OneShift Blog
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