10 unusual jobs that pay surprisingly well

Tuesday 30 July, 2013
We all know of the career paths that lead to the big bucks '“ medicine, engineering, scientific research '“ but what are some of the quirkier occupations that have great salaries? Here is a list of 10 occupations which have surprisingly good pay packets. Would you consider these job opportunities? Let OneShift know! 1. Flavorists Flavorists develop artificial and natural flavours and aromas for foods, medicines and even certain cosmetic or household products. Flavorists have a science and chemistry degree and are paid an average of $136,000 a year. Image Image source: njmonthly.com 2. Embalmer Embalmers prepare the bodies of deceased people for presentation and burial. Not the most 'liveliest' of jobs however embalmers can earn up to $80,000 in a year. 3. Podiatrist They may deal with smelly feet, fungal infections and weeping blisters however being a podiatrist pays off. Senior podiatrists can earn up to $90,000 a year. 4. Orthotists and prosthetists These professionals can earn up to $90,000 a year. They're responsible for making orthopedic braces and prosthesis such as arms and legs. 5. Air traffic controllers Responsible for the safe departure and arrivals of all aircraft, traffic controllers have a lot of responsibility on their hands and also a $156,000 deposit in their bank account each year. 6. Interpreters If you're bi-lingual than there are plenty of both part and full-time job opportunities up for grabs. Senior language interpreters can expect to be paid $75,000 per annum '“ not bad for something which is as easy as uno, dos, tres. 7. Personal trainer Depending on your clients, some personal trainers can earn over $100,000 a year. The only cost '“ a daily workout, or five. 8. Elevator/lift mechanic You may be on call 24/7 but these mechanics earn the top dollars - $110,000 per year. 9. Technical writer IT savvy and have a knack for the written word? If your interests lie in both sciences/IT/Health and the creative arts, then look no further than a technical writer '“ salaries can range from $70-130,000. 10. Hand models Got lovely hands? Some hand models feature so frequently in television or print commercials that they earn a handy pay check.
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