10 Tips For Surviving Schoolies Week

Tuesday 11 November, 2014

Tips For Surviving Schoolies Week 2014


Final exams are finally over. Summer is forever itching closer to reality. School is done and dusted.


Ex-year 12 students are gearing themselves up for one of the craziest weeks of their lives...schoolies. Whether you’re travelling to the Gold Coast, taking the trip to Bali with a group of friends, doing a road trip down the coast, these tips apply to you.


8 Tips For Surviving Schoolies Week:


1. Water is your best friend.


2. Make sure someone knows where you are. Always.


3. Don’t accept drinks from others and don’t leave your drink alone. I know this is something your parents will tell you and you will groan and say “Muuuuuuum”, but for real. Drink spiking is     huge at schoolies.


4. Pace yo-self. No doubt you are planning on spending the entire week consuming alcohol, try not to drink it all in the one night while trying to play catch-ups with your friends. It never ends well.


5. If you are under-age and planning to hit the Gold Coast for Schoolies, make sure you go in the week of beach parties. Trust me, I was underage and did not do this and there wasn’t a whole lot for me to do when all your friends are going to the clubs.


6. Look out for your friends. Don’t let them walk home alone. Don’t let them go off with strangers. It’s common sense, people.


7. Ok, so yeah I’m not going to tell you not to drink. That’s all well and good. But while you’re on holidays – you may as well enjoy the days. Don’t make your nights so ridiculous that you can’t function the next day until you start drinking again. Go to the beach. Go for a walk. Go to the theme parks. Make the most of it while you’re there! It all hangs in the balance.


8. Watch out for toolies. Oh, yeah. Those older people who are still living in the past that come back to prey on the young. Best to keep your distance I say!


9. Have an awesome time. Pure and simple.


10. Don’t lose your common sense. Really, that’s all you need to not end up in a bad situation like many have before you. So make sure you remember it, even after a few drinks.

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