10 things you shouldn't wear to a job interview

Wednesday 7 August, 2013
We often say that you need to dress to impress however what if your job interview is for a position in a non-corporate industry, a work-from-home position, a café shift or even, a 'casual' interview? No matter what type of interview you have scored, there are still some basic dress codes which should be followed. Here are ten things not to wear to a job interview:
  1. Loud shirts. They distract the employer too much from what you're saying. Image Image source: ebay.co.uk
  2. T-shirts. Even a shirt with a few buttons at the top is better than a t-shirt. They are too informal.
  3. Thongs. Even sneakers would be better than thongs.
  4. Midriffs. Image Image source: flickriver.com
  5. Ripped pantyhose. Even if the rip occurs whilst arriving to the interview, make sure you always bring a spare pair '“ just in case.
  6. Shirts with slogans on the front. Some are offensive, others vulgar and some very funny, but only to some. Image Image source: newdelhi.olx.in
  7. Jeans. Even if the employees currently working there wear jeans on a daily basis, always opt for pants (at least until you have secured the job).
  8. See-through materials.
  9. Fluorescent colors. Like loud, patterned shirts, bright colours are just a little much for an interview.
  10. Backpacks. Bring a handbag or a laptop bag instead if you need to carry something with you.
Let OneShift know what you wouldn't wear to an interview.
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