10 things not to say in the workplace

Wednesday 3 July, 2013
Australia is a country which prides itself on free speech however there's always that person in the workplace who takes their words a little too far. We've all said something to someone which has been misinterpreted or which has been taken the wrong way. In the workplace, saying the 'wrong' thing to someone can be potentially damaging to your relationships with work colleagues or even ruin your chances of staying in that business for the long-term. should not have said that Image source: Sodahead So here are ten things you should never say or ask in the workplace: 1.'Who are you going to vote for this election?'? Politics and personal opinions are generally no-go zones in the work force. Even if the same two colleagues are like-minded in who they support, the conversation always has a chance of growing very ugly. 2.'What are your religious beliefs?'? Just like politics, keep personal religious beliefs out of the conversation. 3.'You should have ...'? Immediately these words direct blame at someone and indicate that they have worked to a poor standard. The workplace is about teamwork so instead, use words such as 'In the future, it would be great if we ...'? or 'Next time, please ...'? 4.'How much do you get paid?'? People ask one another about their salary for two reasons: they feels as if they are not getting paid enough or, they want to make the other person feel jealous of their own pay. If you really want to look into your salary, talk to human resources or to your boss in a private conversation. 5.'I shouldn't tell you this but I know you won't tell anyone ...'? If you know something someone has told you was in private and in confidence, keep it that way. You can't ever be sure that the person you're telling won't pass on the words. 6.'No problem'? When someone in the workplace thanks you, the polite reply is 'You're welcome'?. Saying 'no problem'? to another colleague implies that there may have been a problem and that their request or favor of you was a huge ask. 7.'That's impossible'? Before saying this stop and ask yourself, is it really impossible. Is there another alternative which you could provide? Could you pass on a request to another person or look into it and get back to the person. If something really is impossible, give a good explanation as to why and always provide an alternative. 8.'Have you lost weight'? Even if you mean this in a positive light, people's weight is a sensitive topic and issue. 9.'I'll try'? Trying immediately implies failing. Instead let the person know a time frame or be as specific as you can, even if this means you can't do something at that point in time. 10.'I hate my job'? Keep these thoughts to yourself. Even if you are unhappy, don't let others in the workplace know about it until you are ready to leave. Even then, end on a good note and say 'I'm leaving because I have been offered another opportunity'?. Have you ever said something in the workplace which you regretted? Let OneShift know!
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